Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gift Ideas for Valentines Day 2014

For all those couples in love out there, Valentine’s Day is coming around. For the singles still looking for love – well, Valentine’s Day is still about love, and that love can be for a friend, a sibling, a parent, even a pet! If you know who your Valentine is going to be this V-Day, then it is probably time to figure out what you are getting them, too. On the world’s most celebrated day for the expression of love, check out some great ideas on what you could gift your Valentine this year.

A little clichéd, you say? To all of you who say so, we say that a cliché becomes a cliché for a reason. It is a rare few who can say with conviction that chocolate cannot brighten up their day. A box of heart-shaped candy for the sweetheart is a wonderful gift – it is cheesy, it is romantic, it is old-school sentimental, and best of all, it is yum. Oh and since chocolate happens to be a woman’s best friend (except for diamonds, maybe – it is a close tie!), it makes a wonderful gift for a single Valentine too! You can never really go wrong with a box of Lindt, now, can you?
Teddy Bear

Now once again, this one is somewhat of a cliché. But once again, a cliché doesn’t arbitrarily become one, does it? If your Valentine is someone who would appreciate the conventional, cute, romantic gesture, then a teddy bear holding a big red heart with the words ‘I Love You’ printed in block across it is a perfect gift. For those of you whose Valentine does not fall in this category, don’t take the term ‘Teddy Bear’ literally – get them a stuffed toy, a bobble-head, even an action figure of their favourite TV series or animated character, maybe one that is a shared favourite even!
Red Accessories

The best part about this category is that you can improvise based on the relationship you share with your Valentine. Red tie for the men, or maybe perhaps an ascot scarf (or even socks, if they have a little bit of a funky side!); red scarf, bangles, ballet flats, handbag… the list for women is quite endless. Think of your Valentine’s favourite accessory, and go out and find one of those in a shade of startling red to symbolize just how much you love them, and wrap it an a matching shade of red gift paper, if you want to go all out!

Nothing beats flowers on Valentine’s Day. Whether your Valentine is a friend, a sibling, a lover, or any other kind of relationship that can possible be conceived, there is always a flower that can convey to that person just how much you love them. Yellow, pink, white or red – take your pick of a rose colour, and gather a beautiful bouquet for your Valentine. And if they aren’t too thrilled about roses in general, then get them a bouquet of their personal favourite flower instead – tulips, orchids, lilies… once again, the list is long.
Hand-Written Note

There will always be, among the Valentines of the world, a type of people who are extremely un-inclined towards sentimentality and conventional romantic gestures. For those Valentines, we say keep it simple – write a note. On the world’s most celebrated day of love, put down just how much you love (and the reasons why, too – you could make it creative!) this person in words. The pen is quite mighty, as proverbial hearsay will tell you. And even if you think that your Valentine does not particularly need to be told that you love them, trust us – there is a whole different feel about love that is expressed explicitly. It will absolutely make their day.

Creative Valentine's Day Dates

The day of St. Valentine is almost upon us, and the feeling of love is palpable in the air. The fourteenth of February is perhaps, in today’s times, the most widely celebrated day of love – and when it comes to romantic love, needless to say, it is a hey-day for all those committed couples. Nevertheless, planning a special celebratory date is not an easy task. How do you make every Valentine’s Day as special and unique as the one that came before? Check out some of our suggestions on how you can give your Valentine an ultra-special, ultra-romantic Valentine’s date this year.
Getting Physical

And we don’t mean in bed (at least, not just as yet!). Do something fun and sporty with your Valentine this year – trekking, hiking, swimming, riding, anything at all that is outdoorsy and fun and can be done while enjoying each other’s company. It is a great way to have fun, spend some quality time together, as well as get that adrenaline rushing and ‘happy hormones’ flowing, perfect to set the mood and tone for the rest of your special day together. Although, it is advised that you do not indulge in physical activity that is too intense, as it might just tire you out too much for you to enjoy the rest of the day. Keep it active, but not exhausting.
Quality R&R

Sometimes, however, the exact opposite might just do the trick. Book yourselves into a couple’s massage and spa treatment package for the day. Relax together, maybe hit the pool, take a walk on the beach, and sip on some icy-cold cocktails while you lounge in the sun. Make the best of V-Day and do all the things that will really help you unwind and de-stress with your favourite person in the world.

Take a Vacation

Taking the R&R to the next level, pack yourselves away for the weekend someplace romantic – exotic or quaint, that could depend entirely on your taste. Book a room for two with a comfy king-sized bed and a beautiful balcony view. Spend the day exploring the local culture, with your nights out on the town having delicious dinners and taking dips in the hotel pool, or perhaps even the Jacuzzi with champagne and strawberries as a side-dish. Go all out this Valentine and splurge on yourselves for a memorable couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Pop the Question

Now this is a biggie – if you and your Valentine are at that place in your relationship where you are ready to take it to the next level, V-Day could absolutely be the perfect setting to break it to your Valentine that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. What could make this Valentine’s Day any more special than having it remembered as the day that you finally proposed? On the other hand, your Valentine may like it better if you had popped the question on a day that wasn’t celebrated by the rest of the day, hence giving the two of you a special day of your own. So be careful with this one; make sure that the gesture is something that your Valentine will truly appreciate.
Homebound Lovin’

Sometimes, the best Valentine’s Days can be spent without even setting foot outdoors! Lock yourselves in, turn off your phones, change into your comfiest clothes… and just spend the entire day together doing all of those homely things that you love. Cook together, eat brunch in bed, watch some of your old-time favourite movies, play board games, order in, cuddle together and take an afternoon nap… and maybe step out of the house just once, as you take a drive together and watch the sun set someplace pretty.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

5 Trending fashion designs for winters

As we crave for fall, we’ve discerned that the e-commerce sphere is now bereft of the breeches, and for this reason, we’ve taken it in the lead ourselves to dig up the most excellent veiled styles for transitioning from the usual Indian Summer into Winters. For this, we’ve created a compilation of various winter outfits that are supposed to prevail and have fame among the fashionistas this winter:
1.    Versace’s Premium Fur Collection

Foreseeing that cool weather pastels are here to stay, Versace is the new air that turns everyone on. Versace tossed out the most luscious styles — a powder-pink mink fur along with a mint-green cashmere style amid sequined lapel details. Fur is supposed to be dominating the fashion market these winters and is said to gain an accelerated fame among the populace. It is a must have for all fashionistas’ wardrobe !

2.    Mulberry’s assortments

With the excellent hues and design, they give a feeling,”can we just skip summers and autumns and land directly into winters ?” A nice option to have is the Mulberry with Charlotte Rampling enthused leather-and-sheepskin car coats that’ll get you from the city streets and shopping corners to the icy peaks with ease. Not only they do look classy and opulent, but they would certainly quench your thirst for a modern outfit for winters.

3.     Have a romanticised take with pink shawl and scarves !

On the broader side of the spectrum are the pretty and charming pink shawls, which have recently emerged as a huge demanded accessory, especially in Indian markets. Unwarily, it is desire of every fashion-geek to dress as glamorous, trendy, funky and pretty as possible, and this can be doused by a pair of shawl and scarves. You may get a printed texture with heart shapes, or may be just big circles or dots; they all are en vogue these winters.

4.    Prabal Gurung’s Shoulder Layer Trim Long Coat

This is certainly for the coat lovers ! Prabal Gurung has been devised to be a famous fashion designer, and when it comes to his creative collections for winters, this one is undoubtedly the best! Soft wool blend long coat in the midst of tonal piping, supplied with gold tone button front, all buttoned epaulets, with a buttoned shoulder layer trim, collar tab, in addition to double buttoned cuffs. Google this for more. Tthe outfit is currently available in navy blue color, a bluely color for the bluely winters!

5.    Balenciaga’s Double-Breasted Coat – A lovely red outfit !

Made and crafted in Italy, this is just amazing work of art! The coat is a masterpiece of fashion designing and a must-have for all fashionistas! The wool double-breasted coat has notched lapels, a chest pocket, several flap front pockets, and a centre back vent. The outfit is currently available in Grenadine.

Fashion Clothing for Christmas

There’s Christmas wheeze in the town and all and the sundry are set to go in raptures over new and novel trends. When it’s Christmas, you must be all set to go with outfit that’s best and the dressing for the cold is not as much of about staying temperate and is more about looking first-class amidst delicately-arranged layers. However, we’ve tried to make our outfits as winter-friendly as possible. We’ve tried to make a tender balance between the two of the aspects.

1.    Slip Dress

When it’s all about fashion and fantasy, slip dresses have always won the game. You can forever and a day cover up a slip dress with a jacket blazer, or sweater, thus if you don’t feel like channelling your exhibitionist inside, there are solutions. Slip dresses are nowadays very common but famous, and you can get a huge variety in colors and prints online. Just jazz up your look with a cardigan or a jacket, a pretty scarf would definitely add zest to your dress-up.

2.    Mod Dress

High collars and squat hemlines were the fume at Valentino this year. Valentino’s fashion accessories have won hearts this winter, and would unquestionably be the best bet for Christmas. High Collars have certainly landed into fashion this season and put an impression at first glance. Dark colours have strikingly done well, and one can see girls hanging out with dark high collars in coats. Buy a nice Mod Dress online and cheer your Fashion eve!

3.    A little boudoir chic !

A sweetheart neckline velvet dress with a faux-fur jacket would definitely be a charm this Christmas! This is something which would own you with many second looks! Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s AW13 show, the velvet chic dress looks extremely glamorous and pretty. The trendy dark violet and purple hues make it and the wearer entirely en vogue. Louis Vuitton’s AW13 gave out a lot many such pretty dresses, you can just google it and find the many other “like-this” outfits. You needn’t put a jacket, coat or a blazer over it, however, a fur lace would add more charisma to your persona.

4.    Car Coats

Here’s Charlotte rampling-inspired leather car coat with a blend of sheep-skin wool. Although Mulberry has put forward a lot many other options but this one was inspired and you can spend your hard-earned pennies over these dresses. The dress not only makes one a style icon, but it also stands as a superb choice for those who covet for a dress which keeps you warm in winters. You don’t need accessories with it, and it’ll make you own high fame on Christmas!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Fashion Trends from 2012 to 2014

Whether you love or loathe the fashion that just passed by, you must firmly deem that fashion repeats itself. And for this reason, one is supposed to keep track of which trend just waved off, and which is yet to come! The year 2012 brought a plethora of new and novel fashion trends, ranging from statement-making leather clothing, to those ethnic embroidered long skirts and kurtas.

Leather clothing could be seen on streets in 2012, which started its virality from somewhere in the fashion hub, Europe, and spread across Asia and western continents too. When it comes to decency with perfection, call it this way, or that, leather clothing puts an accent and an impression at first stance. Although, they might be a hefty for your purse, but when it comes to style, people turn on to face expensive dresses too!

2012 saw a revival of saree. Sarees made a rush back in brighter colours and in umber with borders. Long and heavy designer sarees could be primarily seen in parties and ceremonies. It was in 2013, when the georgette sarees also seemed to land in this saree safari. Owing to their unique style statement, georgette sarees are still en vogue.

The shift dress, varying from short to knee length, these pleasing-to-the-eye and youthful outfits in printed patterns and solid colours grossed a lot of glory from fashionistas. Winters of 2012 brought a little, but significant change in fashion, bringing back colors like black, white and red, one could see assortments of red and black accessories and dresses everywhere.

A prominent populace went into raptures over hoodies and hooded sweatshirts in winters, which came in bright and sober colors. The colors grey, shades of lively green, and red were having a high extol among the customers and fashionistas. Hoodies have been continually admired as an emerging, evergreen choice since then, and a lot of people have seemed to be attracted towards them.

In autumn and spring 2013, pencil skirts deluged the fashion markets and soon gained praise. Pencil skirts in diverse fabrics and flat embroidered skirts add an air of classiness and feminity. These skirts seemed to end primarily due to season, in late Septembers, and were followed by winter-wears like hoodies, accessories, sweatshirts, and blazer.

Winters made no noteworthy change, and seemed to drag the 2012 winters’ trends again. However, neon colors seemed to gain a popularity among fashionistas. Light and calm colors like salmon, flossy-pink and pale-yellow made their way to western and ethnic dresses. Winter coats and cardigans could also be seen deluged en vogue. Woollen cardigans are among winters’ essentials, and hence are an evergreen choice. Full length coats in light and calm colors, striped long, and often without buttons could be seen to emerge as a trend.

For 2014, one must consider long coats, striped and in an assortment of colors, as a must have. On the other hand, scarves in pretty and charming colors like pink and magenta would definitely revive and are a must have for a fashionistas’ wardrobe.