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7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Fashion

India has a rich society and tradition which is reflected in the apparels too. Indian design has seen a transformation since the old days. In spite of the fact that, the lays of Indian garments are the same, we can discover a ton of western impacts and cutting edge dresses that have been joined into the essential structure of any Indian outfit.

Fashion has originated perhaps, with the origin of humans. Fashion is nothing but a depiction of art, which shows a clear picture of one’s emotional and societal status.

1.       An attire or dress is considered vintage just in the case that it dates somewhere around 1920 and 1960. Anything after this time is called as retro.

2.       False eyelashes were initially created in 1916 when Hollywood maker D.W. Griffith who needed to improve one of his performers eyes for one of his movies. These were made out of human hair.

3.       200 years back youngsters didn't have their own particular different garments. They used to wear little size of grown-up wears.

4.       Skirt is considered to be the second most established ladies' garment of clothing in the fashion industry.

5.       Before 1850, garments were worn as products showing status in the society as opposed to design and they were all hand sewed.

6.       Jewelleries are a basic a piece of a lady's life however did you know it were the men who initially begun wearing adornments? This pattern began with lords and regal persons to force their status and triumph in the fight.

7.       Although the saris and the dhotis have never gone out of style, with the Persian impacts in Indian manner, ladies and men wore long tunics that went down to the knees with trousers that were known as churidars. Old Indian clothing additionally incorporates the salwar-kameez. The salwar is essentially a trouser whose essential outline has been changed since old days. The tunics were worn with churidars or the salwars. Old Indian design dressing can never be finished without the notice of the bindi. The essential thing was a red mark, which was worn on the temple as an image of marriage. Today, even unmarried ladies in India wear the bindi, which is composed in different structures and shapes, colors and composition.

7 Bollywood Clothing Styles you should never try!

Bollywood has at all times remained the country's style stimulus. Chandni earrings, Bobby print, Ashiqui ribbons, Jodha Akbar necklace, Govinda pants, Dhoom skirt, the list has been endless and shattering.
The latest in bollywood clothing - Ram-Leela jhumkas and Rowdy Rathore pants, are certainly ruling the style circuit. On the other hand, dressing up like a Bollywood actor does not all the time mean dressing up correct. Here are some awful fashion trends encouraged by Bollywood.
Bollywood pictures have always stimulated fashion trends. Nevertheless, every so often these styles have awfully gone wrong. You would love to have a look!
1.       Eye size glares
During a period when the classic aviators are ruling the design shop, we have very nearly disregarded the additional little glares which were well known at one time despite the fact that they gave the inclination as though they were pressing against the wearer's eyes!
2.       Ill fitting corsets
Ill fitting corsets are a gloomy tale of lowly cleavage show and “almost-struggling-to-get-out-of-that-tight-corset” type of dressing! This is the Bollywood blunder that shouldn't be recurred for ages to come or for any age!
3.       Animal Print
Animal Print was the style that completely defied all fashion parameters and ruined up making the person who dress himself in, appear like a leopard or a tiger out for hunting! Seriously, what's great in looking like an animal, when you can do up like a red carpet diva?  This bollywood style wasn't meant to be taken earnestly but dejectedly, some people took it too far-off.
4.       Floral Shirts for Men
Floral Shirts are a big “no” for work, a bigger “no” for a date and a “no” even for weekend shopping or family dinners except the case you want everyone to eye you in enjoyment. Thus if you have previously purchased them, keep them for your beach break!
5.       Leather Pants
Except you are someone like a superhero on a top-secret mission to save the planet, then you are strictly forbidden from dressing yourself in a leather pant look. Since if you are a superhero then people would have a high regard for your super combating abilities, not costume (fairly, that's not completely true as people would still inspect your style). The just story is that leather pants efficaciously qualify as one of the “worst” fashion trends presented by Bollywood.
6.       Random Graphics Shirt
The list for pitiable graphics on clothing is limitless. Floral prints, neon gym wear, animal prints etc. are a comprehensive “no” if you want to influence someone with your style. Nonetheless there's one style that has almost tested our tolerance threshold - random graphics shirts. Whereas it's okay to have Stevie Griffin over and done with your comfy pajamas but it’s wholly intolerable to have a medley of random doodles and typescripts all over your shirt.
7.       Babli Kurti
Kurtis look nice. Shirts look nice. An awful mix of both is nowhere close by something nice! Rani Mukherji was seen in her greatest role but certainly worst clothes in "Bunty aur Babli". From there itself, this "Babli Kurta" is one fashion that died for good!

6 Places to look for Indian fashion Online

With the drift of Online shopping swelling in India, the number of websites has amplified to a great level within past 12 months. I thought of making a list of some places and Indian online shopping websites which supply all over India.
Hope this list will be supportive for people looking for all the websites and places and you may catch the one which suits your needs.
1.       Delhi

Unless you’re not into the “offline-phobia”, Delhi is the best place for you to buy Bollywood Clothing and look for Indian Fashion. From markets sprawling acres, and flooded with huge assortments of colors and Indian and western clothes, one may get really confused with what to buy and what not. There are many places where you can save your bucks and still manage to get reasonably stylish and quality clothes for yourself.

2.      Padma Bazaar

With over 50 years of experience of selling Indian Handicrafts, Home Décor, fashion jewellery and styling accessories, you can certainly look here for some great fashion accessories, from bracelets, earrings, jewellery, to shawls, scarves and what’s more, they have a shop in Delhi, and they also sell their products online. Visit here to find out more. If you’re looking for something fresh and exotic, or even something ethnic but stylish, be sure to visit it once.

3.      Jabong

If you want to have the joy of a pleasant shopping experience of shopping from comfort of your home, Just make sure that you shop online from a trusted shopping website. Beware of scams and websites which may steal your personal and credential information. Jabong is perhaps one of the emerging shopping websites. However, it still seems to strive for its position in the pool of eCommerce portals providing door delivery services and fluidic websites.

4.      Myntra

Taken over recently by Flipkart, Myntra is something to have a look. Their website is really amazing and comprehensive. However, rates may be a little higher. It may cost you some good bucks to shop there, but it would definitely promise on quality.

5.      Snapdeal

Well for this I would say, they have emerged great in some areas where other sellers don’t generally deliver. They’re having the benefit of their extensive courier partners and delivery services. However, coming to the website, I won’t rate good. The website looks dowdy and not at all comprehensive. The colors also don’t look pleasing. 

6.      Amazon

Amazon is a novice in India! It has emerged and managed to be the best eCommerce portal abroad, but it has certainly not gained ample interest among the Indian community. Even their website is a big disappointment. It looks like a crap!

5 Latest Bollywood Trends

Always wearing something random is not something really acceptable. Randomizing works best on Picnics, not on dates and shopping plans. So, here we’ve brought some great ideas that you’ll have of use, while choosing your dress.
Choosing a dress is not that easy. You need to consider not only its style, print, quality and fabric, but also its size – Which we don’t really consider. Buy a wobbly pair of jeans, and you’ll find yourself looking like a Sumo or a wrestler! Get those very tight ones, and get your odd figure out in front of public! So, it’s always advisable to first consider the size before buying a dress.
Not just the size, but also test and experiment what suits you the best. Not all fashion styles and dresses suits everyone. So, it’s advisable to choose your dresses wisely according to your figure and body type. Characterizing different body types, we’ve majorly 3 of them.
Dressing for your body shape is the way to looking great. Here's some style counsel to discover an impeccable dress for each figure.

Pear: If you fail to offer a fuller midsection, and you look to minimize your lower body, attempt and add volume to your upper body with point of interest. Abstain from wearing heavy wobbly lowers at the bottom.

Apple: If you fail to offer a characterized waist, yet brag a womanly midsection and derriere, wear dainty shoes and recuperate to give an extended look to your legs. Moreover, those with an apple figure ought to abstain from being always tight. Stay far from things of every one of the one shade and bridle necks.

Hour glass: If your midsection and hips are equivalent, and you have an advantageous waist, feature your right gimmicks well with semi-fitted pullovers and utilization waist sashes to help augment your waist. Keep in mind not to include a lot of subtle element or example on this sort of figure. Likewise, keep away from oversized, boxy garments and turtle necks.

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4 Fashion outfits for 4 occasions

Out for a hot date? Or planning what to wear on your weekend shopping plans? Or just bored up finding hard the best dress for hanging out with friends? You’re certainly at the right place. You just need to read this article from top to bottom, and you’ll find 4 fashion outfits that will perhaps, demystify your mystifying thoughts!
What would you need for going out? Is it really mandatory to have a purse? Should we always carry a handbag? Well, these are the four things you should never leave without, if you put yourself in the category of Fashionistas: A Bottle Of Cold Water (Especially in Hot Summer Days), Keys & other small cash cards can be put in a wallet for a date, you needn’t carry a tote or a handbag for a date. However, for weekend shopping plans and hanging out with friends, we recommend you to carry a handbag with you. Not just it feels chic, but also gives you a trendy look. Pale brown or Yellow Ochre is en vogue nowadays, and it looks really comely.
We all have a long list of articles for shopping. And it becomes really painstaking when you have a strict budget, and have to trade-off between your fashion apparels, dressing accessories and other things you need to buy. So here’s a solution for it. We won’t suggest you to go for those heavy and expensive clothing from big brands out there, but something from your wardrobe itself!
For your weekend shopping plans, wear something comfortable. So that you’re able to concentrate more on what you’re about to buy than what you’ve already bought (And wearing!) A kurta with a slim fit jeans will work well. You can also go for loose tops with jeans. Prefer vibrant colors.
2.       A Formal Work Setting
Out for some work at office? Jeans and a shirt paired with a cool vest jacket is really a must-have for this one. Not only it looks formal, but also has a fashion appeal.
3.       A casual day out with friends
Don’t mess up! Just concentrate more on your accessories and footwear. We’ll recommend going for chappals and slippers. They’ll give you a cool look. Also, don’t heavily load yourself with make-up and even accessories. Have a balance of everything.
4.       A Hot Date
Something indeed simple! Don’t go for tight dresses, or something “Just-Barely-There” type clothes! Also, ethnic wear won’t fit well here. So, just go for something simple but attractive. 
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7 Bollywood Secrets you never Knew

Despite the fact that style, elegance and shapes are about being agreeable in what you wear, our safe bet for high end fashion and bollywood clothing continues changing because of evolving seasons.

Along these lines, today we might discuss a couple of things that a woman ought to never forget before diving into her storeroom each morning before going out. We’ll discuss about bollywood clothing secrets that you will certainly find in your storage room but you never knew you had them! And the best part is, you can use while it’s coming down like a hurricane outside!
1.       Cotton, Cotton-Not Always!
Despite the fact that light and hazy fabrics like cotton are extraordinary, but that they may not be the best pick throughout the seasons. Bollywood clothing is all about changes. At the same time, that doesn't imply that you ought to dress shabbily throughout the season.
2.       Get hassle-free!
Here goes secret number two, Bollywood clothing is not about heavy designer sarees, it is about what’s the latest trend in Bollywood, which is an extremely easy, fundamental and that you can wear to school or while going out with your companions. It suits essentially anyplace you think.
3.       Cool Outfits
As should be obvious, Bollywood generally incorporates extremely basic cool outfits, which people essentially have in their wardrobes! It’s just about how well you can mix and match, and come up with something zingy and dashing!
4.       Accessorize yourself
Beginning from the top, make sure that you have those pretty earrings, zingy bracelets and a pendant. Bollywood clothing is not just about how well you put your clothes, but it’s more about how well you deal with accessories, with that in mind, you can securely wander around without setting up a show! ;) However, when you’re into a cool outfit, keep light on the accessories. A huge calfskin sack which keeps all your stuff safe is an alternate extraordinary thing.
5.       Shoes & Sandals-Choose Wisely
Get yourself some 2-3 attractive sets of sandals for a season. What matters is that, the color of your footwear must match with the colors of your headband, or the bag. If not, it can even be something in contrast with colors of your top-wear. Prefer sandals over shoes, as they're relaxing and amazingly simple to stroll in.
6.       Sizes Matter
When was the last time you purchased “one-size-fit” top? That was perhaps the last time you had committed a mistake in choosing bollywood sarees for yourself. Bollywood clothing is as simple as you think. Just get your sized clothes, or the length you are comfortable in. Likewise, attempt and pick a light denim fabric! Don't play much with the extras, simply wear a scarf to add some brisk stylish component to the outfit and you're carried out.
7.       Add a blush!

For make-up I'd recommend utilizing waterproof mascara, liner, kohl and a little crème to become blushed! You can unquestionably jazz up your nails to add all the more fascinating point of interest to the general outfit since insignificant make-up works the best throughout bollywood fashion.

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7 Most successfull Bollywood Designers

Style industry of India has seen a blast and picked up ubiquity in world as a design driven country. Prior, very few individuals thought about India and Indian design. In any case, today India is a famous country popular for its rich lady's clothing named "Saree" and the fabric. Today, Indian Fashion architects are well known faces in the International Fashion Industry and it is a result of these style creators that India is in the arrangement of top nations. The Indian fabric and Indian material is just as famous and popular in global markets. You may like to go for Online Shopping Sarees or look out for Bollywood Sarees Online and Bollywood Sarees India.
Give us a chance to observe the confronts who have taken Indian Fashion and Indian Fashion Industry at the top generally level. These are the best known appearances of the International Fashion Industry and are the
Manish Malhotra
High on his prosperity, Manish Malhotra chose to limb into standard planning in 1998 with his prominent couture store Reverie – Manish Malhotra. He has done a few wedding trousseaus for rumored families. His ubiquity took off throughout this period when he was solely approached to plan garments for Michael Jackson for his appearance throughout the Bollywood Awards held in New York. The entertainer was please to the point that he asked for Manish to plan outfits for his show in Munich and to outline garments for his kids.
Wendell Rodricks:
Designer Wendell Rodricks began as a cooking graduate yet discovered design outlining was more suited to his sense of taste. His moderate chic style is a fierceness among Indian garments significant others and he is known for his enthusiasm for white.
Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla :
'The young men', as the twosome of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are known in the manner circuit, could be considered among first names in that became famous, by method for achievement, consideration, popularity and buildup. It is an imaginative partnership that radiates demeanor and ability.
Tarun Tahiliani :
 He is a standout amongst the most praised design originators of India. He gained a degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. At the point when Tarun Tahiliani returned to India, he understood that there was a tremendous extension in India in the originator wear area. He accumulated an unrest the field of style in 1987, by opening the first mold boutique in India, 'Troupe'.
JJ Valaya :
Born and brought up in the showable city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India's chief design planner, JJ Valaya, has made a name for himself as a standout amongst the most unique and enlivened creators working today.
Rina Dhaka:
Rina Dhaka is India's heading design originator who blast onto the style world in late 1980s. Victor of Yuv Rattan Award, she is considered as a real part of the inventive and imaginative creators of the nation.
Manish Arora :

In 1997 Manish Arora dispatched his Label "Manish Arora" and began retailing in India. Three years after the fact in 2000, Manish spoke to India at the Hong Kong Fashion Week and partook at the first ever India Fashion Week held in New Delh