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The Rebirth of Indian Fashion

The fight for primacy in India's flourishing online retail industry is being compensated on two fronts - electronics and fashion. However it is fashion and apparel that retailers are keen that they purchase more of, quite simply for the reason that the category bids the highest side-lines in the trade.
Indian Fashion has got a new birth “Renaissance” this decade. It has enormously excelled and has exemplified it’s presence in the glamour industry. If you talk about this season, stripe prints get an ethnic injection for a contemporary overhaul of tribal aesthetics. Earthy colour ways look clean and calm with white contrasts, whereas animal patterns and subtle texture plays are also key. This is a trend that is best suited to the Present-day Missy Markets.
Even as the big portals - Flipkart, IndiaMart, Snapdeal and Amazon - push for top honours with dedicated sites like Jabong and Myntra, a new class of fashion e-tailers are achieving the attention of buyers. Not just this, multi-brand fashion portals like Limeroad and Fashionara and online-only brands like Yepme and Zovi have engraved out a space for themselves in the Rs 13,800-crore Indian Clothing industry.
But in a trend that marks the excavating ripeness in India's online fashion market - over half a dozen young start-ups that bid services ranging from personal styling to affordable sewing and fast fashion are attaining significant attentions and wallet share!
"There is room for many, numerous players and over the following 18 months we will see far sharper segmentation," said Arvind Singhal, chairman of retail advisory firm Technopak.
Tushar Singh, lead investor for the Indian Angel Network in FabAlley, estimates that these portals will knack high valuations going up to closely 20 times their revenue.
The attire and accessories e-retailer targets qualified women in their early to mid-twenties and entices them with fast moving stock. "We give customised recommendations to shoppers to complete the outfit and focus equally on accessories and clothing," said Tanvi Malik, the cofounder of FabAlley, who formerly worked with Titan Industries.
The Gurgaon-based start up earns about 35 per cent of its total revenue from sale of accessories. FabAlley started out as an accessories-only store, but within nine months they started retailing clothes designed in-house to capture the growing plea in the apparel industry.

Presently, the company launches more than 100 styles every week in categories ranging from office shirts to evening dresses and necklaces. The web-only brand also sells on other sites such as Myntra, Flipkart, and Jabong for extreme customer reach. Nevertheless, the company does not parade its all-inclusive clothing on these portals upholding a level of exclusivity in the website.

5 Latest Trends in Indian Fashion

The Lace Trend

Put your eyes onto a pleasant slip or a nightgown. Wearing a petite lace top over a bra or a small dress is in trend these days. In case you're a lace novice and are enticed to stock the dainty pieces all in the meantime, reconsider! To abstain from seeming as though you have ventures out of an era, dodge an excess of lace and stick to one lace piece of clothing at once or an extra like a grip or shoes. Lace trend really seems to hark back its reminiscence in Indian Fashion!

Go Edgy

Contrast your lace with some leather jackets or tights then add some edge to your outfit. Indian Fashion has more to balance it! Say no to super short lace skirts and butt baring shorts to grab your lace with elegance!

Graphic prints

Graphic prints are all over this season but of all types of graphic prints, the palm print seems to be a new fury. Palm prints are a new take on floral prints this season and if you are wondering how you can maximize on this trend, here are a few easy tips


Chambray is certainly a favourite when the prominence is on bold warm prints. Couple it with blushed button-down top plus a pair of brown strappy heels to add some intricacy. Prints and stripes is also a great tropical mixture. Club a striped tee with palm prints denims and complete this edgy look with black booties. In case you want to go casual and chic, this trend is for you. Just don a pair of palm print harem pants clubbed with a gusty crochet top

 Textures and Palm Prints

Explore different avenues and brands regarding compositions and wear palm prints with crochet, ribbon or sheer. Transform this fun print into work wear via matching it with a slipover pullover and smooth dark heels.

All the garments that are delegated high form anticipate that you will first wear Spanx under them (for all the great young men reading this, Spanx is is the equivalent of being desiccated and wound up in a tight plastic swathe which keeps you from breathing while probably additionally keeping any move of tissue from making its vicinity felt) . On the off chance that you can make tracks in an opposite direction from Spanx you wind up wearing garments which have different wires surreptitiously and shrewdly laced in the outfit, to hold different parts of your life systems up or down as the case may be; which embarrassingly begin beeping noisily at each security check you experience! 

5 Major Trends - Bollywood Clothing

The prodigious Indian summer is here! In addition to that's no good news since these scorching temperatures leave us with the perpetual question of what to wear! Nonetheless, what is certainly exciting is the fact that summer is the time to devote in a “brand new” wardrobe. Thus, here we go, scouting for the latest summer fashion trends in tinsel town, of course.
1.       The lady like trend
Yes, feminism has started rolling on the monsoon streets of India. The lady like trend of ethnic pink and bright red, sunny yellow kurtas, pink nail polish and bright make-up is en vogue these days. Paint it red, paint it yellow and paint it pink-these are the three rules you’ll certainly discover these days. And what’s more, this trend is said to last at least for this year. However, winters may bring about a change in the dressing sense, like adding up those wobbly sweatshirts or sweaters, jackets but it won’t affect the essence of feminism. It would also follow the same match up.
2.       Full Skirts
Oh! I love these full skirts and my eyes seem to get popped seeing those divas donned with red full skirts, and a bash of make-up. You may end up looking gorgeous, so beware, gal!
3.       Printed dresses:
Prints have been all over the place for a while now, and this straw-hat is not going to be any poles apart. The canvas is wide, so take your √©lite from floral, designer, graphic, and vintage prints. Despite the fact that animal prints are in fashion, we would detest you from opting for one, or you may end up looking like a panther in woman’s foot, or may be a tiger or a dog. It all sounds funny, and in point of fact, it looks funnier! Why wear those weird animal print dresses when you have many other “far better” option at hand with you?!
4.       Laces, laces all around me!
If you’re not the right feminine types and yet want to exhibit the lace trend, specifying it is the flawless option for you without conceding your style. Lace pull-out tops or lace detailing on your jeggings, jeans or shorts is a great way to flaunt the trend. You can boast a little bit of the trend and certainly leave the rest to imagination!
5.       Less is more

These days, you don’t need to load yourself with dresses, make up and accessories. Less is more. Yes, you read it and took it in right sense of the words! Flaunting your style doesn’t mean that you need to load yourself with accessories and make-up.

What to wear in 2014: Saris, skirts or swimsuits?

Unlike the joyful stereotypes of the 1970s wherein stars like Hema Malini and Rekha fitted in the traditional shape while sex symbols like Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman slanted in to provide some Hollywood inspired pull, the new age heroines work hard to be an all-rounder. But even many of them seems to be stuck between these three of the things which Indian fashion encompasses- Saris Skirts and swimsuits. What to wear, and when to wear!
She might be cheeky, quiet and attractive, and on and on. While there's no questioning her flexibility in style, viewer’s affection to pick top choices. Furthermore prepare to have your mind blown. Here's your opportunity to do simply that.
We’re talking about these Bollywood hotties in three separate avatars - Western chic, Sari-clad lady or Beach angel. This might help you choose the best dress among what you would wear in 2014.  Choose among them in your most appreciable look. While some may contend about her emotive abilities, there's nothing plastic about the Karthik Calling Karthik star’s style sense. A master work of art with reason, her executioner body turns anything she decides to embellish - sari, skirt or bathing suit fit like a dream.
Besides this, Katrina Kaif, A-lister prefers to keep it exquisite yet flighty. She can take away any look effortlessly on account of her elegant style, flawless disposition and half-desi, half-phoren roots. However, Aishwarya Rai, notwithstanding, keeps on looking dazzling as ever in her exemplary saris, structure fitting dresses and incidental episodes of exotic wonder.
Look out for BollywoodSarees Online and Bollywood Sarees India. In the case that you opt for wearing Saris and have that diva or more formally an Indian Diva look. DesignerSarees have their own distinctiveness. Prefer buying Designer Clothing in Delhi.
Darling of the glossies, Kareena Kapoor plays an ideal cover girl and impeccable fashionista, both on and off screen, with a veteran's poise and newbie's edginess. Talk about those green dresses from the movie Ra-one which looked wobbly but attractive, or those swim suits from the movie Tashan.
If you got it, flaunt it appears to be Priyanka Chopra's style mantra. As witnessed time and again, the Pyaar Impossible star loves to slip into teensy cocktail numbers or exotic versions of the sari. You may go for Western Dresses in Delhi or Womens Kurtas Online.

7 Most Iconic Bollywood styles

1.       The Bollywood film industry has always been a cradle of creativeness when it comes to fashion. With almost every Bollywood film, came a bravura of trend that was trailed blindly by the star-struck buffs. Even though most of these trends have wiped out with time, a number of are still reminisced for their ‘then popularity’. As of Madhubala’s anarkali suit in ‘Mughal -E- Azam’ to Kareena Kapoor’s T-shirt with Patiala in ‘Jab We Met’, every single of these trends given birth to, by Bollywood movies, have turn out to be instant hits amongst people.

2.       Anarkali suits are still preferred by sundry; and the list comprises top Bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee, Katrina Kaif and so forth. The confinement of this trend dates back to 1960, when the gorgeous looking Madhubala, who played the character of eccentric Anarkali in ‘Mughal -E- Azam’, dress in the suits. It is from there this attire got its name ‘Anarkali’.

3.       Just about every young girl hewed her manes to put on the famous ‘Sadhana cut’, which came into the glare of publicity after actress Sadhana pulled on the fringes in her 1960`s quixotic debut ‘Love in Simla’. Indeed, Sadhana had become a fashion icon for girls immediate in consequence of the hairstyle which became a big sensation.

4.       In 1965, modish actress Sadhana was once again fruitful in setting a trend, besides this time it was her figure hugging sleeveless churidar kurtas from Yash Chopra’s ‘Waqt’, which caught the courtesy of young female fans in India. This churidaar was also worn by other actresses - Asha Parekh, Vyjanthimala, and Sadhana in films like `Jewel Thief` and the bollywood fashion classic `Love in Tokyo`. It was a enormous hit among both thin and rounded women.

5.       The orange saree worn by Mumtaz- in ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyar’ song in the 1968 film ‘Brahmachari’ -became a prompt hit. The saree, draped in an unusual fashion, became a new and stylish way of exhibiting a thin frame. This style is still known by all and sundry as the ‘Mumtaz saree’.

6.       In 1970s, Bollywood actresses like Parveen Babi, Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini and Neetu Singh were every so often seen on the silver screen wearing bell-bottoms matching with over-sized glasses. This ‘retro look’, seen in movies like ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’, ‘Maha Chor’, ‘Yaadon Ki Baraat´,  ‘Trishul’, etc. motivated young girls in India to dress up in this style.

7.       Dimple Kapadia, at a gentle age of 17, turn out to be a youth fashion icon in 1973, all cheers to her ‘knotted polka-dotted shirt and hot black mini’, she wore in the movie ‘Bobby’. Till date, the polka-dot print is famously known as ‘Bobby print’ in India. This design was a massive hit amongst not only women but also men at that time.

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Bollywood Clothing And Love - How They Are The Same

She was Indian cinemas 'Dream girl', and he was the unique He-Man of Bollywood. What came about when they two chanced? Nothing less than a scorching love story is bound to fanfare when two folks with drop-dead stunning looks come on one stage.
Just like her fake American brogue, Mallika Sherawat’s meagre choice of a black strappy dress does the greatest it can- irritate us! If you want to crack those heads in the party, make certain you don’t bare it all. Dispense something to the dreams too. The best bet would be the characteristic LBD. Buy one if you haven’t already!
Not just this, Bollywood stars too seem to get attached, and fall in love to clothing! For instance, take an example of Priyanka Chopra, who has been full of activity travelling for the shoot and advertising of her single In My City, has also been searching for time to crusade against celebs being pigeonholed as repeat fashion felons. She has been sponsoring the fashion trend #itscooltorepeat via the Twitter verse style of hash tagging. It’s her artiste Ami Patel who started this drive, cheering women everywhere to reprise their fashion statements. Priyanka and Ami have been uploading pictures and photos of the actors in outfits, hand bags or shoes that she has worn more than once at movies and events.
Priyanka said in an interview, “Why should celebrities not be able to repeat or wear stuff they like? Why is it that when I wear my favourite outfit twice, it’s circled, zoomed in and runs with an unkind caption like ‘fashion offender’, or ‘she cannot afford it’. What bullshit! I can afford it, but maybe this is my favourite pair of jeans and I want to wear it three times. It’s cool to repeat outfits and I am going to do it.”
Despite the fact that no B-town heroine has gone all out to sponsor this standpoint, some actors have been choral in the past. “I like the outfits that I wear, so I don’t mind repeating them once in a while. In fact, I have a pair of sandals that I particularly like; they match with most things. And, why not?” Deepika Padukone had said.
Thus, Bollywood clothing and love have a lot of similarities, and they often seem to be two sides of a coin. You can’t talk about just one side leaving the other untouched!

What Everybody Ought To Know About Indian Fashion

One might always have always thought of Indian Fashion, that he knows it well. Is it really so? Is Indian fashion so simple and easy to understand? Obviously not. If you just talk about fashion, it gets a lot complicated, and when you’re talking about fashion being Indian, you make it more intricate by adding a plethora of vibrant hues and a dozen of cultures which mingle up resulting in diversified patterns and numerous dressing styles.
Indian Fashion not at all resembles the slightest of what its name might have you picture. It’s neither about getting draped with ethnic clothes, nor about getting donned with saffron colure accessories! It has a feel of its own. A mix and match type of thing. You have to be bent towards trends in bollywood, but watch your step, that you don’t completely fall on it! Be a little western, and flaunt your figure, but don’t you forget your ethnic tastes, and drape a pashmina shawl over your lint!
Presently since you'd be busy with sun, it’s generally a decent thought to wear relaxing garments in the case that you would prefer not to run crazy with the sun and sunburns! Strive for a saree or suit, purchase splendid neon shades which draw in, simply the perfect measure of attention. Designer Sarees have their own distinctiveness.
While picking your accessories, recall that the old conventional polki and kundan are back in vogue and they look drop-dead-classy! Include several kundan or polki bangles with the customary glass bangles to include the perfect measure of fabulousness and conventional touch. While picking a pack and shoes, Shop for Womens Sandals online. Recollect to orchestrate the colors and match the two somehow. So just in case, you're thinking of wearing bejewelled pumps, buy Womens Pumps Online. A sack of comparable shade and outline would look extraordinary.
Wearing shorts ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. Females will additionally regularly think that it is profitable to wear a shawl or scarf that covers their breasts. For men, short-sleeved shirts are more conscious than wearing shirts. In clubs, western dress norms of pants and a top for young ladies, and pants and a shirt or shirt for fellows, apply.

These were some of the things you need to know about Indian Fashion. Also, don’t forget to put a smile over your face, not a devilish one! And flaunt your style too!