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Indian Clothing – a generation in itself.

Well truly an Indian girl looks her best in ‘Sari.’
Over the ages, Indian clothing has been continuously marked as something very colourful in its attire and wide ranging in terms of designs. India is known to have beautiful dresses and costumes and this huge variation is generally attributed to innumerable number of religious as well as regional distinctions living in unison. Though in the recent days, with the much younger generation the Indian clothing has transformed into something more like an Indo-Western blend and that is more widely visible in the urban areas but the first generation women still prefer wearing the traditional Indian garments as they feel it is linked and rooted to our culture and tradition deeply. The plethora of designs, the innumerable counts of colours and the more attention to detailing has been the factors making the Indian clothing genre more looked into both by the nation itself and those from outside. Unlike the women, the men in India now largely prefer western as most of them are seen wearing shirts and trousers and this can be attributed to the greater level of comfort and ease that these outfits provide.
Just like our Indian music and spirituality, Indian clothing is also seen to have a profound impact on the western style and culture. Indian fashion is kind of very rich in tradition, vibrant in colours and sort of synchronises with the very heart and minds of the people. The distinctive variation in clothing can be found if traversed from one village to another or even one city to another. Indian clothes are believed to be attached with values that binds us together and that is the very reason for a Bengali may spend the whole year buying and wearing all sorts of tacky western stuffs would not come out of his house without a kurta-payjama or a sari during the durga pujas.”. Even marriages or weddings are a strict no-no without designer saris or a bollywood anarkali replica.  
“Bold colors created by the inventive drapes of these textiles catches the imagination like no other contemporary clothing.” , Says an online site speaking on Indian Clothing. Indian clothing caters to both men and women and thus have, since a long time, kept the designers busy. The huge popularity and demand for Indian clothes have been regularly attributed to its beautiful designs, luxurious fabrics and the ease with which they can be worn anywhere and everywhere.  Indian clothes have also been successful in garnering popularity among the younger age groups as they designed keeping in mind the designs and fabrics that are in craze and the colours as per the acceptance of the season. Thus, Indian clothing is not just about its traditions and cultures but it also manages to synchronise itself with the ease and situation of the wearer.

7 Steps to being Fashionable...

1.       Organise your closet : It happens most of the times that half of the things we own are not even visible under the catacomb of our closet and we end up blaming ourwardrobe. Let that not happen, instead invest some time organising the closet so that every time you open it you don’t have the same boring clothes at your sight to piss you off. Segregate the stuffs in the order of what needs to be folded and what hanged, formals on one side and casuals on the other. This way it not only saves time for selection but also gives an overall view of our closet.
2.       Too much of accessories, a disaster : well we all love accessories, be it our most special thumb ring or the largest earring but there has to be a line drawn up somewhere when it comes to looking classy yet tasteful. A large earring for instance shouldn’t be blended up with an equally radiant neck piece for they’ll just fight for attention and you’ll end up looking disastrous.
3.        An iconic wallet : Invest in a good wallet so that every time you get up to pay the bill for your much beloved date you don’t end up with a rugged lifeless wallet out of your brand new denims. A quality wallet for you would be the one reflecting your signature style and no to forget the much wanted – Class.
4.       Art of being formal : Being corporate isn’t sacrificing style. Well, yes office clothes need not be frumpy anyway and can be jazzed up with well-tailored shirts or trousers. The interesting thing about tailored clothes is the feel that they don’t fit anyone except you. A classy watch can add a bit more to the look and if invested on an expensive good watch it can add class to the repertoire. That crisp stoned feeling of the collar line, the crystal clear crease of the trousers can make your day while getting dressed in the morning garnished with suitable accessories that don’t look that loud though.
5.       Don’t compromise comfort with style : yes, style and comfort are two branches of the same tree. They can go without each other but will never suit your persona anyway. So the next time you go to buy a pair of shoes go for the one more comfortable yet a bit low on style instead for the one most classy but a bit short on the comfort level. For it’s your intrinsic aura that drives your outlook and that comes with proper comfort.
6.       Understand your colours : Colour plays a very significant role in case of fashion and styling as the colour of your shirt should compliment your colour tone in every way or else you’ll look wearing out of your shirt. Experts at ‘The Fashion Spot’ discuss that people with cool undertones should prefer wearing anything in white, black, gray, silver or shades of blue and those with comparatively warm undertones should go for shades of yellow, gold, brown, green and red.
7.       Less really is more : Class lies in personality not in unwanted exposure. Celebrity stylist Jen Rade feels that only one part of a body should meet the levels of exposure at one time and for ladies, a little of mystery allures all the time.

6 Places to look for Indian Fashion

With the drift of Online shopping swelling in India, the number of websites has amplified to a great level within past 12 months. I thought of making a list of some places and Indian online shopping websites which supply all over India.
Hope this list will be supportive for people looking for all the websites and places and you may catch the one which suits your needs.
1.       Delhi

Unless you’re not into the “offline-phobia”, Delhi is the best place for you to buy Bollywood Clothing and look for Indian Fashion. From markets sprawling acres, and flooded with huge assortments of colors and Indian and western clothes, one may get really confused with what to buy and what not. There are many places where you can save your bucks and still manage to get reasonably stylish and quality clothes for yourself.

2.      Padma Bazaar

With over 50 years of experience of selling Indian Handicrafts, Home D├ęcor, fashion jewellery and styling accessories, you can certainly look here for some great fashion accessories, from bracelets, earrings, jewellery, to shawls, scarves and what’s more, they have a shop in Delhi, and they also sell their products online. Visit here to find out more. If you’re looking for something fresh and exotic, or even something ethnic but stylish, be sure to visit it once.

3.      Jabong

If you want to have the joy of a pleasant shopping experience of shopping from comfort of your home, Just make sure that you shop online from a trusted shopping website. Beware of scams and websites which may steal your personal and credential information. Jabong is perhaps one of the emerging shopping websites. However, it still seems to strive for its position in the pool of eCommerce portals providing door delivery services and fluidic websites.

4.      Myntra

Taken over recently by Flipkart, Myntra is something to have a look. Their website is really amazing and comprehensive. However, rates may be a little higher. It may cost you some good bucks to shop there, but it would definitely promise on quality.

5.      Snapdeal

Well for this I would say, they have emerged great in some areas where other sellers don’t generally deliver. They’re having the benefit of their extensive courier partners and delivery services. However, coming to the website, I won’t rate good. The website looks dowdy and not at all comprehensive. The colors also don’t look pleasing. 

6.      Amazon

Amazon is a novice in India! It has emerged and managed to be the best eCommerce portal abroad, but it has certainly not gained ample interest among the Indian community. Even their website is a big disappointment. It looks like a crap!

4 Tips To Restyle Yourself

Bored up with your mundane hair style? Or bored up trying those regular dresses from days and years? Here’s something nice for you!
Change your hair part
In spite of the fact that this appears to be as simple as it sounds, it unquestionably has an enormous effect to your face. For some people, centre allotment does matter & for others side part is all the more complimenting. You can additionally try for no part. Sounds great? From my particular experience, I used to have a centre part back in high school, then I exchanged to side part and it did suit my face.so, Part your hair right!
Line it
The way you apply your eyeliner can upgrade or even degrade the state of your eyes. For some winged eyeliner have a colossal effect and for other simply applying some kohl/kajal on the waterline makes their eyes champion. I used to apply kajal on my waterline all the time yet i exchanged it over now & i incline toward applying it on my upper eyelids.we typically have a tendency to adhere to our safe place however rolling out little changes can improvement the way we take a gander at ourselves.
Wonder Wardrobe
Changing your whole wardrobe may take a considerable time but why not begin a little? On the off chance that you want to change your style, take a stab at buying garments that suit the new you! How about we say in the event that you need to fuse florals into your wardrobe. Take a stab at contributing a 2-3 flower dresses and perceive how you like it. You don't need to go over the edge! It's much the same as working out. You see what works for you, take a stab at emulating your normal for some time and in the event that it doesn't get your extravagant, and you can tweak it /proceed onward to the following thing!
Bang it
Flaunt your style with accessories. Don’t load yourself with accessories and adornments but don’t even be barely there without a single accessory. Go for those nice trendy bracelets, totes and handbags are also a must. You need to get a pendant if you want to flaunt even more. Just pep up your shady attire with a nice Sandal or a footwear. You can even consider wearing chappals or slippers, as they’re en vogue lately nowadays. Just bang it with a nice goggle or a pair of sunglasses, which looks cool and attractive especially in the hot summer days.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Rebirth of Indian Fashion

The fight for primacy in India's flourishing online retail industry is being compensated on two fronts - electronics and fashion. However it is fashion and apparel that retailers are keen that they purchase more of, quite simply for the reason that the category bids the highest side-lines in the trade.
Indian Fashion has got a new birth “Renaissance” this decade. It has enormously excelled and has exemplified it’s presence in the glamour industry. If you talk about this season, stripe prints get an ethnic injection for a contemporary overhaul of tribal aesthetics. Earthy colour ways look clean and calm with white contrasts, whereas animal patterns and subtle texture plays are also key. This is a trend that is best suited to the Present-day Missy Markets.
Even as the big portals - Flipkart, IndiaMart, Snapdeal and Amazon - push for top honours with dedicated sites like Jabong and Myntra, a new class of fashion e-tailers are achieving the attention of buyers. Not just this, multi-brand fashion portals like Limeroad and Fashionara and online-only brands like Yepme and Zovi have engraved out a space for themselves in the Rs 13,800-crore Indian Clothing industry.
But in a trend that marks the excavating ripeness in India's online fashion market - over half a dozen young start-ups that bid services ranging from personal styling to affordable sewing and fast fashion are attaining significant attentions and wallet share!
"There is room for many, numerous players and over the following 18 months we will see far sharper segmentation," said Arvind Singhal, chairman of retail advisory firm Technopak.
Tushar Singh, lead investor for the Indian Angel Network in FabAlley, estimates that these portals will knack high valuations going up to closely 20 times their revenue.
The attire and accessories e-retailer targets qualified women in their early to mid-twenties and entices them with fast moving stock. "We give customised recommendations to shoppers to complete the outfit and focus equally on accessories and clothing," said Tanvi Malik, the cofounder of FabAlley, who formerly worked with Titan Industries.
The Gurgaon-based start up earns about 35 per cent of its total revenue from sale of accessories. FabAlley started out as an accessories-only store, but within nine months they started retailing clothes designed in-house to capture the growing plea in the apparel industry.

Presently, the company launches more than 100 styles every week in categories ranging from office shirts to evening dresses and necklaces. The web-only brand also sells on other sites such as Myntra, Flipkart, and Jabong for extreme customer reach. Nevertheless, the company does not parade its all-inclusive clothing on these portals upholding a level of exclusivity in the website.

5 Latest Trends in Indian Fashion

The Lace Trend

Put your eyes onto a pleasant slip or a nightgown. Wearing a petite lace top over a bra or a small dress is in trend these days. In case you're a lace novice and are enticed to stock the dainty pieces all in the meantime, reconsider! To abstain from seeming as though you have ventures out of an era, dodge an excess of lace and stick to one lace piece of clothing at once or an extra like a grip or shoes. Lace trend really seems to hark back its reminiscence in Indian Fashion!

Go Edgy

Contrast your lace with some leather jackets or tights then add some edge to your outfit. Indian Fashion has more to balance it! Say no to super short lace skirts and butt baring shorts to grab your lace with elegance!

Graphic prints

Graphic prints are all over this season but of all types of graphic prints, the palm print seems to be a new fury. Palm prints are a new take on floral prints this season and if you are wondering how you can maximize on this trend, here are a few easy tips


Chambray is certainly a favourite when the prominence is on bold warm prints. Couple it with blushed button-down top plus a pair of brown strappy heels to add some intricacy. Prints and stripes is also a great tropical mixture. Club a striped tee with palm prints denims and complete this edgy look with black booties. In case you want to go casual and chic, this trend is for you. Just don a pair of palm print harem pants clubbed with a gusty crochet top

 Textures and Palm Prints

Explore different avenues and brands regarding compositions and wear palm prints with crochet, ribbon or sheer. Transform this fun print into work wear via matching it with a slipover pullover and smooth dark heels.

All the garments that are delegated high form anticipate that you will first wear Spanx under them (for all the great young men reading this, Spanx is is the equivalent of being desiccated and wound up in a tight plastic swathe which keeps you from breathing while probably additionally keeping any move of tissue from making its vicinity felt) . On the off chance that you can make tracks in an opposite direction from Spanx you wind up wearing garments which have different wires surreptitiously and shrewdly laced in the outfit, to hold different parts of your life systems up or down as the case may be; which embarrassingly begin beeping noisily at each security check you experience!