Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Go Green Miss Saawan Queen

The hindi month of ‘Saawan’ which coincides with the rainy season  is auspicious, fun-filled and full of celebration time. Especially for Indian women, this month brings in cheers, happiness and a symbol to celebrate marital-hood. Various women groups hold several kinds of contests and festivities to mark this month. To meet and greet ‘Saawan – the month of greenery’, they all have a gala time together. One of them is chosen as ‘Saawan Queen’ as a symbolic representation of the happiness of the month.

Several Bollywod movies have featured this month in their films to mark the bonding of love between the protagonists. In addition several songs of Bollywood sing praises of this month as the perfect time of love and conjugal bliss. Let’s get together and design a Saawan Look

Saawan emphasizes the need to go for a green costume. Depending upon one’s flair; you can go with a lehenga, anamrkali, gown or a saree.

 The Eternal Saree

This green saree is a definite show-stealer. Intricate work on the blouse and border of the saree makes it a fab choice. To get into the ethnic feel, one could sport bangles of the same colour. Wear loads of kohl and mascara, as highlighting eyes is synonym with Indian dressing style. A pair of long earrings with a metallic finish would go well with this ensemble.

 Bring in style with anarkali

Anarkalis have the charisma to bring out the best in any woman. They are ethnic costumes which are easy to wear and yet so stunning with sheer magnificence. This green anarkali will make an awesome wear for Saawan parties. Be the reigning queen of the get together in this light green anarkali with golden border.

 Lovely gown for a lovely you!

Don an exquisite look and sizzle in this dashing beauty of an apparel to flaunt your taste. This gown highlights subtle sensuality about the wearer. The chiffon fabric hugs the body well and brings out one’s curve with elegance. The net shoulder work is an interesting mix to make the gown look just so lovely. Go minimal on accessories as this gown pronounces just that. Wear your lips a bright red to highlight them.

 Go ethnic – the lehenga way

To present yourself in a contemporary ethnic style, lehengas are a great option. The crop choli with heavy work makes this an endearing piece. A see through net dupatta provides a perfect peek-a-boo to the lovely choli which is definitely the highlight of the ensemble. It is just right to impart a distinctive look. Channel a super sleek style for yourself in this amazing ensemble and be ready for the complements to come your way.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Different clothes for Indian festivals

India is a nation of festivals. Actually celebrations of India demonstrate the rich culture and all aspects of India commend their celebration as per their local traditions and ceremonies. New dresses are part of all festivals. At Veeshack we have a range of cloths to suit all occasions
Wedding sarees are created to make women feel special and are normally fashioned using rich fabrics like silk, brocade or chiffon, and are regularly decorated with precious stones, kundans, pearls, sequins, sparkling stones and silver or gold weaving.
Anarkali suits appear to have been invoked from children's stories on the grounds that regardless of what the body shape is, they mystically make everyone look great. Veeshack also have Anarkalis that are replicas of Bollywood designs.
Lehenga choli is one kind of ethnic wear that is a hit with all women. While there are several designs like fish-cut, umbrella style accessible for the lehenga, the choli too is accessible in diverse styles like bodice, sleeveless, bustier, spaghetti, and so on. A lehenga choli has a fluid, ladylike beauty about it and is a staple ethnic wear for most Indian festivals.

A lehenga saree is really easy to wear and does not require making those bothersome saree creases at the front. This delightful outfit of ethnic richness is normally made in rich fabrics like, silk, brocade, crepe or georgette and is adorned with mirror work, gotas, kundans, gold or silver weaving, sequins and so forth. By mixing together the freedom of wearing a lehenga with the effortless completion of a saree, the lehenga saree is a great choice. Veeshack has a wide range to choose from in each category.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Party Sarees that make a style statement


Saree are a significant part in Indian society. Saree and salwar-kameez are fundamentally the customary dress of Indian ladies. Though the fact that saree is a typical dress, it is worn in diverse styles in distinctive circumstances of India. Now even Hollywood stars have taken to wearing designer sarees to important events.
Saris have progress beyond anyone's potential and the method for wearing it has likewise changed. Women in past were fundamentally home makers, investing a large portion of their energy at home. But now time has changed, ladies have turn into an indispensable piece of the work power. So they need sarees which are not difficult to wear and still give a formal look. Party sarees equally are in demand to spruce up events and occasions.

Lehengasaree outfit is yet another elegant method for wearing saree. They are fundamentally a skirt with implicit pullover and split pallu. They highlight the figure, giving a chic look. Lehenga sarees are sought after on the basis that it is something easy to wear and gives that stunning look. There are a wide range of Designer Sarees which are stylish and simple to wear as well as gives that modern look. At Veeshack there is a huge range of designer, party and lehenga sarees that make a style statement of their own.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Various ethnic wear options for Indian kids

 Kids lehenga Kids Lehenga

Indian children have a wide bunch of dressing options accessible to them including both Indian and western wear. Regardless of how much the children are influenced by the western design, traditional ethnic wear never goes out of fashion.
Apparel for Boys
A portion of the ethnic wear for boys in India include kurta pajama, dhoti, sherwani, jodhpuri suits et cetera. These garments things are accessible in a large group of color, hue and value ranges. The material used is also diverse ranging from pure silk, crepe and cotton.
Apparel for Girls
Regarding ethnic outfits for young girls, the choice are in abundance. A portion of the customary Indian dresses for girls integrate saris, lehenga, salwar kameez and ghagra choli among others. These are accessible in distinctive sizes to suit children of diverse age group. The dresses, including delicate weaving, rich materials and impeccable beadwork mirror the wonderful creativity of the Indian skilled workers.
With such a wide mixture of styles accessible to browse at Veeshack.com purchasing outfits for youngsters is a ton of fun. Regardless of what the event - whether it is a wedding or school competition or a movie program or pretty much anything - you are certain to discover something in ethnic Indian wear to suit the event.

Friday, 26 June 2015

How to choose the perfect Wedding lehenga

Wedding lehengas are among the most lovely and lavish marriage outfits. There are distinctive sorts of lehenga cholis that suit diverse body sorts. One of the most essential viewpoints to consider before get lehengas is the color. Today the online markets are flooded with a mixed bag of wonderful colors and tints to suit diverse skin tones. It is imperative to pick hues that complement the skin tone. Velvet lehengas are known for luxury and value.
Wedding lehengas are easy to get in unique pattern and plans to suit particular liking. Weaved model in silk, velvet and crepe are beautiful and trendy. The cholis are made vividly with semi precious and precious stones as indicated by individual inclinations. Customized wedding lehengas are likewise a rage nowadays.
The A-line lehengas suits all body sorts as it fits around the waist and afterward streams out luxuriously, like the shape of the letter A. These wedding lehengas are made from diverse materials including silk, organza and chiffion. The straight cut lehengas suit thin body sorts. The round cut lehengas have vast edges at the hemline. The fish cut lehengas incorporate another mainstream style of outfit. It sticks to the body from the waist to the knee and after that extends in different shapes. The choli or the blouse of the outfit is likewise styled contrastingly in distinctive sorts of lehengas. Revealing cholis, single shoulder, deep neck, off shoulder are all the most prominent designs.  Choosing the perfect lehenga is easy at Veeshack.com since they have a huge range of wedding outfits.
Wedding Lehenga choli

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Indian Clothing – a generation in itself.

Well truly an Indian girl looks her best in ‘Sari.’
Over the ages, Indian clothing has been continuously marked as something very colourful in its attire and wide ranging in terms of designs. India is known to have beautiful dresses and costumes and this huge variation is generally attributed to innumerable number of religious as well as regional distinctions living in unison. Though in the recent days, with the much younger generation the Indian clothing has transformed into something more like an Indo-Western blend and that is more widely visible in the urban areas but the first generation women still prefer wearing the traditional Indian garments as they feel it is linked and rooted to our culture and tradition deeply. The plethora of designs, the innumerable counts of colours and the more attention to detailing has been the factors making the Indian clothing genre more looked into both by the nation itself and those from outside. Unlike the women, the men in India now largely prefer western as most of them are seen wearing shirts and trousers and this can be attributed to the greater level of comfort and ease that these outfits provide.
Just like our Indian music and spirituality, Indian clothing is also seen to have a profound impact on the western style and culture. Indian fashion is kind of very rich in tradition, vibrant in colours and sort of synchronises with the very heart and minds of the people. The distinctive variation in clothing can be found if traversed from one village to another or even one city to another. Indian clothes are believed to be attached with values that binds us together and that is the very reason for a Bengali may spend the whole year buying and wearing all sorts of tacky western stuffs would not come out of his house without a kurta-payjama or a sari during the durga pujas.”. Even marriages or weddings are a strict no-no without designer saris or a bollywood anarkali replica.  
“Bold colors created by the inventive drapes of these textiles catches the imagination like no other contemporary clothing.” , Says an online site speaking on Indian Clothing. Indian clothing caters to both men and women and thus have, since a long time, kept the designers busy. The huge popularity and demand for Indian clothes have been regularly attributed to its beautiful designs, luxurious fabrics and the ease with which they can be worn anywhere and everywhere.  Indian clothes have also been successful in garnering popularity among the younger age groups as they designed keeping in mind the designs and fabrics that are in craze and the colours as per the acceptance of the season. Thus, Indian clothing is not just about its traditions and cultures but it also manages to synchronise itself with the ease and situation of the wearer.

7 Steps to being Fashionable...

1.       Organise your closet : It happens most of the times that half of the things we own are not even visible under the catacomb of our closet and we end up blaming ourwardrobe. Let that not happen, instead invest some time organising the closet so that every time you open it you don’t have the same boring clothes at your sight to piss you off. Segregate the stuffs in the order of what needs to be folded and what hanged, formals on one side and casuals on the other. This way it not only saves time for selection but also gives an overall view of our closet.
2.       Too much of accessories, a disaster : well we all love accessories, be it our most special thumb ring or the largest earring but there has to be a line drawn up somewhere when it comes to looking classy yet tasteful. A large earring for instance shouldn’t be blended up with an equally radiant neck piece for they’ll just fight for attention and you’ll end up looking disastrous.
3.        An iconic wallet : Invest in a good wallet so that every time you get up to pay the bill for your much beloved date you don’t end up with a rugged lifeless wallet out of your brand new denims. A quality wallet for you would be the one reflecting your signature style and no to forget the much wanted – Class.
4.       Art of being formal : Being corporate isn’t sacrificing style. Well, yes office clothes need not be frumpy anyway and can be jazzed up with well-tailored shirts or trousers. The interesting thing about tailored clothes is the feel that they don’t fit anyone except you. A classy watch can add a bit more to the look and if invested on an expensive good watch it can add class to the repertoire. That crisp stoned feeling of the collar line, the crystal clear crease of the trousers can make your day while getting dressed in the morning garnished with suitable accessories that don’t look that loud though.
5.       Don’t compromise comfort with style : yes, style and comfort are two branches of the same tree. They can go without each other but will never suit your persona anyway. So the next time you go to buy a pair of shoes go for the one more comfortable yet a bit low on style instead for the one most classy but a bit short on the comfort level. For it’s your intrinsic aura that drives your outlook and that comes with proper comfort.
6.       Understand your colours : Colour plays a very significant role in case of fashion and styling as the colour of your shirt should compliment your colour tone in every way or else you’ll look wearing out of your shirt. Experts at ‘The Fashion Spot’ discuss that people with cool undertones should prefer wearing anything in white, black, gray, silver or shades of blue and those with comparatively warm undertones should go for shades of yellow, gold, brown, green and red.
7.       Less really is more : Class lies in personality not in unwanted exposure. Celebrity stylist Jen Rade feels that only one part of a body should meet the levels of exposure at one time and for ladies, a little of mystery allures all the time.